Privacy policy

SeoSunshine requires that while we are engaged by you that:

  • No other SEO company is working on Your Site while we are.
  • You or anyone else won’t use any “black hat” techniques
  • Your Site is not hosted with a free hosting service
  • You give SeoSunshine the authority to submit Your Site to our recommended URLs
  • You allow SeoSunshine the necessary access to edit web pages of Your Site as we require


SeoSunshine requires that an order be placed for our services in person, over the phone or via email and we’ll confirm receipt of the order by email, then send a form for you to fill out with credit card or e-Checking account auto-deduction information. This form will have the monthly amount for your signature and agreement along with the services we guarantee to provide.
This order is considered to be a contract between the client and SeoSunshine for a 30 day period . The terms and conditions set forth below are considered binding, and may not be altered in any way by employees or agents of SeoSunshine.
SeoSunshine does not require any long term contracts. All services are provided on a month-to-month basis and any cancellations of all services require written notice with 1 month notice.

Search Engine Optimisation: Explanation of Services

By entering into a contract with SeoSunshine, the client asserts that they have read and are aware of the following statement: Search Engines, particular Google have proprietary algorithms, techniques and software that affect how search results are ordered for a given search. These algorithms change periodically with a consequent change in ordering. SeoSunshine tracks these changes in order to minimize down time when Your Site drops out of search results. It also means that while we may be able to guarantee that your site will eventually be located on Page One, we cannot say exactly what ranking Your Site will have on Page One or how much traffic this will bring.
While a top ten ranking assignment means that the customer’s page will be placed in the top ten in a search result, this can take up to 20 weeks to occur as we upload optimization to the customer’s website. While Google results are often displayed on other search engine sites, SeoSunshine is mainly focused on producing optimized results for the Google search engine but will also focus secondarily on Bing and Yahoo. It is our primary goal to increase visibility and to gain a higher search engine rank for our clients.
SeoSunshine must thoroughly stress that there is no guarantee to our search engine optimization services. We do not have the ability to offer an ironclad guarantee on the rank that our customers will receive and there is no other SEO company on this planet who can guarantee any ranking in Google or other search engine. We also cannot calculate or even estimate the amount of increased traffic that will occur as a result of our optimization services. Marketing online is unpredictable and SeoSunshine cannot in any way guarantee the position that a site will earn except that it will be on the first page.
SeoSunshine must be granted the right to optimize our customer’s website. This can sometimes cause a slight visual impact, but is normally not noticeable. We will work with our customers to ensure that the page is left intact and that only the most minimal of changes takes place.
Our customers must supply SeoSunshine with their logins and passwords for FTP purposes to allow us full access to the website. SeoSunshine will fully protect all login and password information, keeping it under the tightest security. It is vital that customers inform their webmaster and any other individuals that work with their website that SeoSunshine is optimizing the website.
All SEO monthly optimization campaigns can be cancelled by the customer at any time with 30 day notice. However, it is important to remember that all ‘white hat*’ SEO campaigns take at least 20 weeks to really start showing great, increased rankings for your keyword phrases.

Website Maintenance Contracts

Website maintenance contracts are all on a month-to-month basis and may be cancelled with 1 month notice. SeoSunshine will send you a form to fill out for monthly fees via credit card or e-Check deduction for your signature and agreement prior to starting any work.
SeoSunshine will provide the specified, agreed-upon hours of work on a monthly basis. All work must be requested by the client using the work-form provided, Basecamp HQ account, email or phone. If no tasks are requested during a specific month, the hours you have paid for will rollover to the next month. Hours may be rolled over and accumulated during one calendar year and do not expire during the 12 month period. SeoSunshine will notify the customer in writing if hours have accumulated during a 12 month period and are due to expire within 45 days.

Website Design or Re-Design Services

All website design projects will be quoted on a fixed-bid basis with all details pertaining to exactly what services we will provide. We will very clearly outline our design process as it pertains to your specific project as the process will vary from project to project. Depending upon the size of the contract, we will require a 50% deposit to begin work with the balance due at the successful launch of the project. Again, this may vary due to the length of the project and your project will have specific details on this before any work has begun or any financial obligation begins to the client.

Our Payment Terms and Conditions:

For website design or one-time projects, SeoSunshine accepts, check, cash, e-Check, or credit cards per the written and agreed upon contract. For all monthly agreements for maintenance or SEO, we will accept credit card or e-Check payments through the SeoSunshine merchant account with your written authorization only. Please note that if paying by check, we will not commence on any work until the standard 5 working days have passed since we received the check. This allows for time for the check to clear our bank. All monthly website maintenance or search engine optimization plans are charged on an agreed day every month through e-Check or credit card payment only.