Bronze SEO Package

Announce your presence to the online community. This is our lowest cost online marketing package. In our experience we've short listed the best and most effective companies and campaigns to promote your business. We research and compile the best keywords to use in your meta tags and submit your website to all major directories and search engines.

Typically this method takes about 3 months to organically float your page up the rating ladder.

For faster results, we recommend taking a look at our Silver SEO Package. This would include everything in the Bronze Package as well as social media propagation and a guarantee that your page will show up on the first page on when you type in your key words.

*Please note that all of our SEO packages are monthly fees not just a onetime fee. In order to keep the high ratings, we must constantly update contents and sites which link to your website.

We are much lower in cost than most of our competitors, yet our standards are much higher.

Bronze SEO Package
Bronze SEO Package
Announce your presense to the online community. Includes: Keyword Optimization, Local business directory submission.
Silver SEO Package
Bronze Package + social media integration and a guarantee that your website will appear on the first page listing on
Gold SEO Package
Silver Package + Blog creation, article writing, building backlinks and google analytics setup.
Platinum SEO Package
Gold Package + You Tube video creation and placing it into website, Craigslist Campaign