Brochure, Flyer Design & Printing

Surprisingly, many people either don’t have access to or inclination for the latest technology but are just as loyal as tecno-savvy customers. Brochure and Flyer designs are still a great way to reach those customers and market your products and services today.

The prices start at $200 for the simple design and $300 for full-color design. These rates are typically what we charge based on the level of complexity.

This does not include printing or distribution costs. However, since we also deal with vendors who do mass mailing as well as novelty work, we can help you get the best rates for the best quality work. In the end, you will save much more than what we are charging. In the spirit of the same turn-key motto of our parent company TechUnited, Inc., we will handle all interactions with printers and distributors for you. You will deal with us and have your end product delivered to your door.

Several web sites are filled with empty promises and glam but are not up-front with their prices. They’ll try to get you to call or email them to get an idea of how much you want to spend. Our philosophy is different. We, here at SeoSunshine, had a meeting to discuss just this issue. “If you were a customer and wanted to hire somebody, what would you want to know? The answer across the board was unanimous. ‘What am I getting and how much does it cost?’” Just about everything else on our website is priced close to what you can expect to pay and is well below market rates. We’ve used the most succinct language to give you what you can expect for what you’d expect to pay. However, as the printing options vary so drastically, you will have to call us for a quote on this.

Brochure, Flyer Design and Printing
Logo Design
We will help you to create professional looking logo or redesign your current one if you not happy with it.
Business Card Design
Professionally designed business cards, printed and delivered at affordable price. 250 Qty is included in the price.