Turn-Key Website Package

We speak your language. The term "Turn-Key" generally refers to something "ready to use". You get in the car and turn the key and you're ready to go without knowing the complexities of how the various parts of the tehnology work. We pride ourselves in our Turn-Key Package offering. We've gathered what typical business owners or department heads are looking for as a baseline.

You need a stunning website which makes you and your company look good to the public. You want to let people know about what you offer and you want lots of people to know about it so they can find your site.

Small, medium and large businesses expend a significant amount of resources in hiring a technical staff and the infrastructure, spending a huge amount of capital in order to get what we are offering as standard in our Turn-key package.

This certainly does not mean you are limited to only what is in the package. We are happy to work with you on adding or removing components you might or might not need to better tailor a plan to suit your needs.

The Turn-Key package is what we typically recommend to all our new customers who don't particularly wish to close the deal online.

If you are looking for completing the sale online, please take a look at our e-Commerce Packages, complete with merchant account integration, depositing the revenue straight into your bank account. This allows you to simply concentrate on your product line and let us worry about the technicalities.

Turn-Key Website Package
Economy Package
Templatized website from online providers such us google, wix, etc.
Basic Package
Includes professional looking website customized for the business with business relevant language.
Turn-Key Package
Includes the basic package plus professional website language and SEO setup to drive traffic to your website.
Economy Package
Package includes everything in the Turn-key Package plus E-Commerce engine and merchant account setup.